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DIY Snow Cream Slime "Cinnamon Bun" Scented Clay Cinnabun Slime Kit ASMR

DIY Snow Cream Slime "Cinnamon Bun" Scented Clay Cinnabun Slime Kit ASMR

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Make slimes that look good enough to eat (but don't!) with this DIY Snow Cream Slime "Cinnamon Bun" Kit. Stretch, squish, and watch it inflate like a freshly-baked pastry! You'll have fun makin' slime and gettin' your ASMR fix. Put your hands to work and get kneading!

❤️ Cinnamon Bun Snow Cream DIY Slime 6oz

💕Handmade Slime
✅TEXTURE: Snow Cream, Snowy Textured, Soft, Stretchy, Pillowy, Buttery, Squishy
🌟HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃SCENT: This slime is scented like Fresh baked Cinnamon Buns!
🌟STRETCH: Very Stretchy
🔊SOUNDS: Soft Bubble Pops, Soft Pokes, Soft Sizzles
🌟INFLATION: This slime inflates a lot after the clay Cinna buns are mixed in and from being played with ( you can store extra slime in the extra containers that the clay Cinnamon buns and icing slime arrived in while it deflates or an airtight ziplock bag)
🥞LAYERS: 2 clay Cinnamon Buns in a separate container, a 1 oz icing slime scented like whipped cream and a 6 oz brown snow cream Slime

📝 Note: Mix the clay Cinnabun into the slime within a week or so from receiving it as the clay will start to air dry. If the clay does air dry it can be kept as a Cute charm :)

Skill Level: Beginner


☑️1- Slime 6 oz
☑️2- Clay Cinnamon Buns topped with glitter in an extra container
☑️1- 1 oz Icing slime scented like whipped cream to decorate your slime with
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer -One per order
☑️Extra Candy!

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