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Snow Fizz Bingsu "Frosty Fizz" Scented crunchy Slime ASMR with snowman Charms

Snow Fizz Bingsu "Frosty Fizz" Scented crunchy Slime ASMR with snowman Charms

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☃️ Frosty Fizz - Snow Fizz x Bingsu slime
Feel a frosty fizz and enjoy a crunchy texture like you've never experienced before--this Snow Fizz Bingsu Slime has all of the wonder of winter in one amazing slime! Scented with festive vanilla bean and it comes with delightful snowman charms for even more fun!
💕Handmade Slime 6 oz
✅TEXTURE: This snow fizz slime has a clear glue slime base and has a unique crunchy, crispy, rough texture
🌟HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃SCENT: This slime is scented wonderfully with Vanilla Bean!
🌟STRETCH: Very Stretchy ( stretch slowly to keep the slime together )
🔊SOUNDS: Sizzles, Pops, Crunch
🌟INFLATION: This slime inflates after bring played with for a while ( you can store extra slime in another airtight container while it deflates or an airtight ziplock bag)
💕ADDINS: sprinkles are included in a baggie with two buttons, 1 carrot nose, 1 top hat, 2 stick arms!

📝 Note: You will love this slime and the charms can be reused to build the snowman as many times as you like!

Skill Level: Advanced


☑️1- Slime 6 oz
☑️1 Snowman charm kit- Two buttons, 1 random sized carrot nose, 1 random top hat, 2 stick arms and snow sprinkles
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer -One per order
☑️Extra Candy!

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