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DIY Clay Slay Slime "Milk and Cookies" Scented Butter Slime Kit Slime ASMR

DIY Clay Slay Slime "Milk and Cookies" Scented Butter Slime Kit Slime ASMR

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Make your own enchanting Milk and Cookies scented butter slime with this DIY Clay Slay Slime kit! It comes with a white, thick and glossy slime base that will smell like tempting chocolate. Mix it into a smooth, soft buttery texture for an ASMR-worthy experience—plus, it's cute as can be with a cookie jar charm! Get ready for gooey, slimy fun!

🍪 Milk and Cookies DIY clay slay butter slime 6 oz

💕Handmade Slime
✅TEXTURE: Slay Butter ( Slightly clay butter slime ), Butter, soft, chubby, gummy, stretchy
🌟HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃SCENT: Chocolate!
🌟STRETCH: Very Stretchy
🔊SOUNDS: Soft Bubble Pops, Soft Pokes, Sizzles when inflated
🌟INFLATION: This slime can inflate after being played with extra slime can be stored in the extra container that the clay came in or a zip lock bag while it deflates
💕ADDINS: Baggie of Sprinkles
🥞LAYERS: 2 cookie clay pieces, with a white thick glossy slime

📝 Note: Mix the clay cookies into the slime within a week of receiving it or the clay will start to air dry. If it dries they can be kept as charms :)


☑️1- Slime
☑️1- Cookie Jar Charm
☑️2- Clay Cookies in a separate storage container to mix into the slime
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer - One per order
☑️ Extra Candy!

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