SCENTED HOLO Slime Stretchy Clear Holographic Glitter Slime ASMR

SCENTED HOLO Slime Stretchy Clear Holographic Glitter Slime ASMR

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Discover sensory indulgence with our SCENTED HOLO Slime. Each thick, stretchy clear Slime is packed with rainbow colored glitter that shifts in the light, bubble pops, and a delightful bomb popsicle scent. Our exclusive Holo Slime is sure to be a hit with slime lovers.

✨ HOLO Glitter Scented Clear Slime

💕 Handmade Slime
✅ TEXTURE: Thick Clear Slime
🌟 HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃 SCENT: Bomb Popsicle
🌟 STRETCH: Very Stretchy ( stretch not too fast )
💕 ADDINS: Beautiful Holographic rainbow glitter
🔊 SOUNDS: Pokes, Bubble Pops, Squish

📝 Note: You will love this slime! Holo Glitters shine every color of the rainbow and can be seen best in direct sunlight.


☑️1- Slime 6oz

☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer-One per order
☑️ Extra Candy!

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How many different colors can you see in this Holo glitter slime? 😲

♬ masquerade x mtr - jovynn


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