Butter Slime "Chubby Bunny" Sprinkles Scented with Easter Charm

Butter Slime "Chubby Bunny" Sprinkles Scented with Easter Charm

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Satisfy your squish cravings with our super soft Butter Slime "Chubby Bunny"! This playful, marshmallow-scented treat is as pillowy as a cloud and stretches like nobody's business! Plus, with Easter charm sprinkles, you'll be hopping into spring with every squish! 🐰

🐰 Chubby Bunny slime

💕Handmade Slime
✅TEXTURE: Butter, super soft, stretchy, spreadable, butter
🌟HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃SCENT: Marshmallow
🌟STRETCH: Very Stretchy
🔊SOUNDS: Soft Bubble Pops, Soft Pokes, Soft Sizzles
🌟INFLATION: This slime can inflate after being played with
💕ADDINS: Easter Sprinkles (in a separate bag with the charm)

📝 Note: You will love this slime!


☑️1- Slime 6oz
☑️1- Charm
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer - One per order
☑️ Extra Candy!

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