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Puff Slime "Peeps Puff" Scented Yellow Clear Slime with charm ASMR 6 8 oz Easter

Puff Slime "Peeps Puff" Scented Yellow Clear Slime with charm ASMR 6 8 oz Easter

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🐤 Peeps Puff Puff slime

💕 Handmade Slime
✅ TEXTURE: Puff: super soft, fluffy, plush, Inflating, squishy, puffy
🌟 HOLDABILITY: Can be played with on a table or in your hands
👃 SCENT: Peeps Marshmallow Candies
🌟 STRETCH: Very Stretchy
🔊 SOUNDS: Soft Bubble Pops, Pokes, Sizzles
🌟 INFLATION: This slime can inflate a lot after being played with ( store extra inflated slime in a zip lock airtight bag while it deflates )
💕 ADDINS: Glitter
🥞 LAYERS: a layer of red clear slime with a white cloud slime on top
🐤 CHARM: Little fluffy chick, Be sure to keep slime off of this charm it will stick to the fluff

📝 Note: Mixing the cloud and clear together can get sticky sometimes if that happens use the slime activator included follow the instructions in the care card to fix the stickiness :)


☑️1- Slime
☑️1- Charm ( This charm shouldn't go inside of slime )
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Borax
☑️ Extra Candy!

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Hand crafted by the CatsCraft sisters team & made with Love. We use only the best pure ingredients and the highest quality storage containers with twist on lids that are durable and reusable.
Our special unique proprietary recipes have been thoroughly tried and tested for the best textures.
Satisfaction guaranteed! My friends all said that they never felt such good slime they literally did not want to put it down and you wont either.
Our slime comes in a sealed plastic storage container ( your choice of size) to maintain freshness.



What should we name this adorable little peep? 🐣 Peeps Puff Slime 🥰 ##slime ##satisfying ##asmrslime ##slimes ##asmr ##slimevideo ##oddlysatisfing

♬ Renai Circulation (English Cover) [TV Size] - Lizz Robinett


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