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Water Jiggly Slime "Space Water" Scented Clear Slime ASMR 6 oz

Water Jiggly Slime "Space Water" Scented Clear Slime ASMR 6 oz

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🚀 Space Water - Scented Water Jiggly Slime
Explore galaxies of fun with this 6oz of Water Jiggly Slime "Space Water" Scented Clear Slime! Stretched, poked and prodded, this jiggly slime will never defy the laws of gravity. Your universe will be complete with out-of-this-world smells and gooey satisfaction. Prepare for a super spacey experience!
💕Handmade Slime 6oz

✅TEXTURE: Water Slime Made with Korean Glue - Jiggly, Slippery, Watery, Wiggly
🌟HOLDABILITY: This slime is very slippery and is best played with on a table
👃SCENT: Blueberry
🌟STRETCH: This slime can be stretched when pulled very slowly
🔊SOUNDS: Watery wiggle, shake, plop and slosh sounds
🌟ADDINS: Galaxy stars and moon sprinkles with a Rocket ship charm are included inside the slime

Skill Level - Advanced

📝 Note: Store water slime in the fridge or cool area to prevent it from melting.
It isn't sticky but it might leave some residue if your hands are dry be sure to wash hands before playing :)


☑️1- Water Slime 6 oz
☑️1- Galaxy Rocket Ship Charm
☑️1- Slime Care Pack--> Business Card, Instruction Sheet ,Sticky Slime Fixer - One per order
☑️ Extra Candy!

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